Boise, Idaho

The Grove by Lemon Tree Co.

Sandwiches & Salads With A Twist. Now with Crave Delivery, Lemon Tree Co. has the ability to reach more people and try its hand at breakfast and dinner - with the signature LT Co. twist - through The Grove by Lemon Tree Co.!

Jasson Parra brings over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry and a passion for good food and drinks. He'll try just about anything at least once. An eternal optimist and host with the most, Jasson's ready to welcome you in with a warm hug and a killer drink! Starting from humble beginnings and through the ranks, Jasson worked his way up in the front-of-the-house from busboy, server, bartender, manager, general manager, and multi-unit manager to now the owner of Boise's local sandwich shops, Lemon Tree Co. and The Grove by Lemon Tree Co.


2900 Excursion, Meridian, ID 83642
(208) 271-9727
8:00AM-8:30PM Mon-Sun
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