Boise, ID

Outlaw Pizzeria

Whether you’re on the run, or settling in at home for the night, Outlaw Pizzeria will bring that sweet smell of home-made pizza right to your door.

In 2023, Outlaw Pizzeria was founded in Boise, ID. It’s been noted that the Treasure Valley has struggled to provide enough variety when it comes to pizza. So, the owners saddled up and made it their goal to come out with “guns a blazin'”, bringing something new, something fresh, while keeping your wallet in hand.

Our pizzas are made in a top of the line kitchen with locally sourced high quality toppings and premium in-house dough made fresh daily. Our mission is to constantly evolve, and provide all our customers with a top notch experience. Our team is continually looking for new ideas and products to serve you best. So, make sure you watch for our upcoming specials and features. We’re sure to blow you away!

Not in the mood to share a pizza? We’ve got you covered! Grab a personal size to hoard for yourself, enjoy a flatbread style for that lighter crunch or try our special saucy calzones stuffed with some of those same delicious pizza flavors. We aim to target all appetites here at Outlaw Pizzeria.


2900 Excursion, Meridian, ID 83642
(208) 271-9727
8:00AM-8:30PM Mon-Sun
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