About Us

Crave was founded to bring a higher quality in-home dining experience to food lovers everywhere. Award winning chefs now have a delivery option that's as focused on quality as they are. Each Crave kitchen houses a unique array of world-class restaurants preparing their most popular dishes - exclusively delivered through Crave's own employee delivery team.

Current food delivery apps and remote facilities rely on third party providers who come between the restaurants and consumers. Crave integrates the whole vertical (restaurant partners, packaging, technology, marketing, and delivery drivers) resulting in complete control and accountability while establishing a direct connection between our restaurant partners and the people who are enjoying their food.

Now chefs who were previously reluctant to offer their award-winning dishes for delivery, can provide amazing meals to enjoy at home without sacrificing quality or losing touch with their loyal customers. 

Crave is launching its service in Boise, Idaho from a purpose-built 15,000SF 16-kitchen space in the Fall of 2020, expanding to dozens of subsequent locations in the following months.